What are the benefits of ProTherm Quantum® PLUS+?

Developed by Radmat’s roofing experts to solve regularly occurring challenges created by the drive for more thermally efficient buildings, safer access and more external space, the ProTherm Quantum® PLUS+ VIP Inverted Roof Insulation System enables architects to dramatically reduce the depth of a finished floor system; providing the solution to counter low upstands against the increasing thickness of traditional Extruded Polystyrene and Expanded Polystyrene products specified in order to meet more stringent thermal demands.

Where is it best used?

On roof terraces, enclosed balconies over heated space and insulated walkways in an inverted roof construction where there is a requirement for thermal performance, and insulated areas where depth is critical to the overall construction.


What can it help to deliver?

  • Part L compliance: Exceptional thermal performance
  • NHBC Chapter 7.1 compliance: Insurance and warranty requirement of 75mm threshold achievement
  • Access requirements of Building Regulations Part M
  • Broof(t4)**fire requirements of Building Regulations Part B


What can it save?

ProTherm Quantum® PLUSdelivers an exceptional reduction in overall depth compared to a traditional inverted system. To see how Quantum® can achieve your target U-value and reduce your threshold height click here.



NEW Quantum Floors

ProTherm Quantum® PLUSprovides a state of the art insulation solution for floors. Thanks to its ultra-high thermal performance Quantum can dramatically reduce the thickness of a flooring system without compromising on thresholds and headroom.

For retrofit projects, listed buildings, and uninsulated floors, ProTherm Quantum can be manufactured to a thickness of just 12mm.

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